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Cold water jigging

jiggingThere are times of the year (normally during the colder months) we will use jigging spoons to catch stripers, hybrids and white bass instead of bait or lures. In fact if the conditions are right, jigging can catch more fish than any other means during these conditions. Some people call the jigs “slabs”, others call them “jigging spoons”. We find the fish using our fish finders, GPS, and local knowledge and then bounce the jigs off the bottom. This technique can be very effective at certain times of the year and is the best way to catch a lot of fish. You basically drop the spoon or slab to the bottom, then lift your rod tip up and drop the rod tip down and make contact with the bottom – then keep repeating. The fish will hit it while its falling much of the time, so be ready. I’ve seen them when they literally ignore our live shad that we have down and hit the jigging spoons right next to them.

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