Lake Buchanan striper fishing guide service

Lake Buchanan
Striper Fishing Guide Service

Lake Buchanan Striper Fishing guide service
Lake Buchanan Striper Fishing Guide Service
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striper fishing guide service lake buchanan

Lake Buchanan
Limited Out!

Lake Buchanan Striper Fishing Guide
Limited Out!
Lake Buchanan Striper Fishing Guide
Limited Out!
Texas Striper Fishing Guide
Limited Out!

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alert Night Fishing begins July 1. Contact Fermin for details. Beat the Heat! alert

During the low lake conditions as we have at this time, the fishing actually improves by having less water in the lake.  It concentrates the fish and makes them easier to find and catch.

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Fernandez Striper Fishing Guide Service

Lake Buchanan Striper Fishing Guide Service is what you are looking for eh? Well then, let me tell you a little about myself.

Let me begin on a personal note: I have been guiding on Lake Buchanan for over 24 years. I have caught more trophy stripers than any other guide service on the Lake and my clients have caught 2 lake records from my boat! I fish out of a 25 Ft. Tidewater center console boat with twin 150 Yamaha motors equipped with all the latest electronics.

Anyone can make wild claims on their website, but take a look at my fish gallery photos. As they say "a picture is worth a thousand words".

For my clients, I supply everything except food, drinks and personal items and I will clean and bag your catch for you. Fishing on Lake Buchanan is typically good year-round - even periods when the lake is "down", the fish can actually be easier to catch. (keep this in mind during the next drought period!) Why you ask? The fish are there, but there is less water for them to hide in!

Typically the lake fluctuates every year, but I am constantly fishing and checking conditions on Lake Buchanan so that I can maximize your fishing fun and give you a great, productive trip.

Information on lakeside lodging available upon request!

Fermin fishes Lake Buchanan in central Texas lakes in the "Highland Lakes" chain on the Colorado River outside of Burnet, Texas.

Current Rates:

3-4 people:
Half day: $440
Full day: $700

1-2 people:
Half day: $380
Full day: $600

We provide all bait and tackle as well as clean and bag your fish at the end of the trip.

Additional charges for more than 4 people:

Half day: $110 extra per person.

Full day: $175 extra per person.

boat new boat Come fish out of our 25' Tidewater Center Consol.  This boat is equipped with twin 150 Horse Yamaha 4-stroke motors, and a FULL array of electronics. 

Huge T-Top for shade and plenty of fishing room.  Fast - "55 MPH" - dry and very smooth.
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new boat

Fermin's "No Bull Guarantee":

"I guarantee that when you call me, I will give you accurate and honest information on the fishing results up to the time of your call without any embellishments or out right BULL. If the fishing has been slow or bad, I promise to tell you just that."

One of many Testimonials:

"My brother and I booked a guided Striper trip for my Dad's birthday this year. We went out with Fermin Fernandez What an awesome trip we had. There were 4 of us spanning three generations on the trip. The weather could not have been better. The lake like most around Texas was low but the fishing is Red Hot out there. We limited out with my son catching the most fish since he is the youngest and can run around the boat the fastest to catch whichever rod was being hit at the time. Mr. Fermin put us to work on the fish and we put him to work on cleaning them for us. It was an incredible day and a memory that we can all share for a lifetime. If you are looking for a striper guide in the Hill Country I highly recommend Fermin Fernandez. You will have a great time.

My wife cooked up the first batch of fish in the oven with some olive oil, lemon slices, fresh sprigs of rosemary and some white wine. mmmmm mmmm mmmm. I usually catch and release being a green fish guy so it was tough to keep these but man they are tastey."

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Striper Fishing Guide Service
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Fermin Fernandez is to Lake Buchanan Striper Fishing what pie is to ice cream! Come fish with him and have a ball.