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This page is part testimonial, part information on striper fishing Lake Buchanan and part general information.

I have known and been fishing with Fermin Fernandez for over 20 years. I originally lived in Austin, TX but in 2003 my wife and I most to Burnet and now we live very close to the lake. I have gone lake buchanan striper fishing with Fermin many, many times over the years. In the heat of Summer sometimes the action is just as hot. In the cold of Winter at times the striper fishing on Lake Buchanan can be very good. Spring and Fall are my personal favorite times of year to go striper fishing - but only due to my preferences in weather.

Like many people, just being out in a boat on a beautiful lake, even if we aren't catching fish, just isn't really enough for me. I want to catch fish! When I go with Fermin, most of the time we catch fish and have a ball. If fishing is slow when I call him, Fermin will always try to inform me and talk me into waiting until fishing picks up - if I can wait that is!.

For the past few years, the Lake Buchanan Conservation Corp., originally established by striper guides and other local residents and businesses, has been very active in improving not only habitat and education on Lake Buchanan and its aquatic activities, but has been directly responsible for the stocking of approx. 5 million stripers and hybrid stripers into the lake. These efforts will continue in an effort to keep this lake a top producer of fine fish. The results of all these stockings has just begun to pay off and keeper hybrids are now beginning to be caught in addition to the stripers themselves.

If you want a lot of fun, and catch some nice fish, contact Fermin and setup a trip. You will be glad you did.

D. Allen
Burnet, TX




(830) 265-7493

Striper Fishing Guide Service
Buchanan, Texas 78609

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